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How is the Malayan Online Store different from a face-to-face transaction?

Purchasing insurance from Malayan Online is different from more traditional face-to-face transactions in a number of ways, but all stem from one idea: the convenience of managing your insurance from your own home. From browsing our insurance products, to purchasing, and even submitting claims, everything can be done online.

How do I buy from the store?

Purchasing insurance from the Malayan Online Store is easy once you've created an account. First, choose the product. Second, fill-up the form. Third, make the payment. All of this is done online for your convenience. Once paid for, a PDF copy of your e-policy will be sent to you via email. Congratulations, you're insured! You can also watch a video on how to purchase from Malayan Online HERE.

How is my transaction and data secured?

Malayan Online employs 3D Secure Payment & Confirmation for transactions, an online service designed to make internet transactions safer by authenticating the cardholder's identity at the time of purchase. All account information is confidential, and is made available only for insurance assessment purposes within Malayan Insurance.