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Travel Insurance

Policy Coverage and Benefits


 Personal Accident

Protect yourself from the misfortunes of accidents when you travel. Travel Master provides indemnity for accidental death, dismemberment, or disablement as well as accidental burial benefit.

 Emergency Medical Treatment

Medical treatment for when you get into an accident or fall ill when traveling can be very expensive. Add to that the suddenness of the situation, travelers often do not have immediate access to resources to pay for the appropriate treatment right away. Travel Master provides coverage for the emergency medical treatment you might need. If further attention is required, coverage also extends to follow-up care, as well as t the daily incidental expenses involved in hospital confinement.

 Personal Liability

When traveling to new places, you always run the risk of accidentally hurting someone or damaging someone else’s property. Travel Master shoulders these risks so you can continue to enjoy your trip.

 Recovery of Travel Expenses

If your trip needs to be cut sooner than you had planned, our Emergency Trip Termination feature shall reimburse the unused portion of travel and the non-refundable accommodation expenses that have been paid in advance.

If the trip has been cancelled within 30 days prior to the scheduled departure, the Emergency Trip Cancellation feature shall reimburse the non-refundable portion of travel and accommodation expense.

In any case, the termination or cancellation of the trip must result from death or life threatening sickness or injury of the insured, or from a member of the immediate family requiring immediate medical attention.

 Travel Inconvenience Benefits

Without the right insurance protection, traveling can be quite a hassle. Travel Master offers benefits for loss of travel documents, loss of baggage, baggage delay, and flight delay as a result of severe weather, mechanical trouble, strikes, and even skyjacking, to keep you smiling despite such unforeseen events.

 Travel Assistance Benefits

In partnership with Assist America, a world-class travel assistance provider, Travel Master provides you access to various emergency and medical travel assistance services such as:

  • Medically supervised repatriation

  • Emergency evacuation

  • Return of mortal remains

  • Care for unattended minors

  • Compassionate leave

  • Hospital admission guarantee

  • Critical care monitoring

  • Prescription assistance

  • Legal and interpreter referrals

  • Emergency medical transmission

With one simple phone call to Assist America, you will be connected to an extensive global network of medical providers, operation centers, and air and ground ambulance service providers.

Value Added Features

Gear up for the extra-mile advantage! On top of all these insurance and assistance benefits, Travel Master provides free insurance coverage for damage to rented cars, as well as medical treatment and assistance services for accidents resulting from sports activities.

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