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Travel Insurance

Lost passport, lost luggage, accidents abroad – these are just some of the unforseen but possible inconveniences and emergencies that can occur when travelling. We offer the most comprehensive travel protection available in the country courtesy of our extensive network of worldwide emergency centers. Travel Master isn’t just for flying as accidents and emergencies can occur anywhere. That’s why we also cover travel on ships, trains and cars. Enter your travel details below and pay your travel insurance instantly.  For full product features, click here. 

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Note: Family Insurance package only covers family of 4 individuals including primary assured. For family below or over 4 individuals, please select "Group" insurance.


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Anti-Fraud: Section 251 of the lnsurance Code, as amended, imposes a fine not exceeding twice the amount claimed and/or imprisonment of two (2) years, or both, at the discretion of the court, to any person who presents or causes to be presented any fraudulent claim for the payment of a loss under a contract of insurance, and who fraudulently prepares, makes or subscribes any writing with intent to present or use the same, or to allow it to be presented in support of any claim.